Wedding at the Newland Barn with Kaydee and Jolie

I met Katie a few years back when she was a Bridesmaid at Michelle and John’s wedding. I knew right away the only way I could describe Kaydee was Firecracker. A “Life of the party,” type girl and I liked her immediately. When I got a message years later saying she was to be wed I knew I had to be the photographer. I am so happy Kaydee¬†and Jolie selected me. Jolie seems to be a perfect match. A strong woman with drive.

John and Michelle were also at the wedding and it was great to catch up. I found out that the man who caught the girdle and the lady who caught the bouquet met at John and Michelle’s wedding and started dating. Later they were married. Funny, I have never heard of that actually coming true.

Another interesting bit of miscellaneous info for you: My very first wedding that I photographed alone was many years ago. It was also at the location that Kaydee and Jolie had their wedding. The Newland Barn. Which for those keeping score, did a fantastic job both times.













I had such a blast!