Wedding Photo Equipment -What I Bring

Wedding Photo Equipment -What I Bring

Depending on what type of shooter you are really reflects the wedding photo equipment you will use. I have what equipment I use with links below.
When buying new equipment in the photo video industry it is easy to get caught up in the fuss. You really don’t need much to create beautiful images.


I use the Canon 5D MIII as my primary camera. I have a back up Canon 7D that also gets use if I need to be quick and have an additional focal length.


Invest heavily in lenses. They retain their value pretty well and last longer then your camera. I use my 70-200mm most. Second would be my 35 1.4 with the 24-105 really close third.

This is the Wedding Photography Equipment I bring when I am the main shooter: If you are on a mobile phone or tablet click here

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