I Will

Under the Tree

Craig Regional Park Engagement Session with Tricia and Gilbert

I have to find it funny that when Tricia and Gilbert asked to do their engagement session at Craig Regional Park I was at a loss. I had never photographed there and it is less then a 5 minute drive from the studio.
When we arrived I knew right away that Tricia and Gilbert introduced me to a little diamond of a park. I now have a new spot to take families and couples for shoots and it is really close. How has this place hidden for the last 10 years.
Tricia and Gilbert did an awesome job. Naturals in front of a camera and fun to work with. Gotta love days that feature an awesome couple and killer location.
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Cuddles in Sepia

Beautiful SoCal Skies

Engagement Session with Julie and Toan

Give me blue skies and puffy clouds on a beautiful day and great clients to photograph and I am a happy photog.That sums up this day. Julie and Toan were naturals in front of the camera.

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Cuddle under the awning

Engagement Photos in Woodbury Community area of Irvine with Cindy and Luke

Hidden in Irvine lies a very picturesque area with a fantastic little park. Woodbury Community seems to be designed with engagement photos in mind. Hanging out there with Cindy and Luke makes it all the better. This cute couple tie the knot June of 2013. It seems there is plenty of time but they are on top of the wedding plans as you know how time flies.

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Save the Date!

Laguna Beach Engagement Session with Patty and Jhoey

I love photographing on the beach. Even with clouds and the threat of drizzle it’s a blast. Patty and Johnathan tie the knot 8.18.12 and we took a day to photograph their engagement.
I love it when there are props. I tend to over do it and I think by the end we were all ready to toss the balloons and sign. But it was great while it lasted and made for some great shots.
Jhoey and Patty did an awesome job. Can’t wait until August rolls around! See all of their shots here.

What a great place to just hang

Fullerton Arboretum Engagement Session with Sheri and Daniel

If you have the chance, the Fullerton Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton is a killer spot to have a walk. Photographing Sheri, Dan, Isaiah and Daniel there seemed to fit.
At the right time of day, right time of year, the light here is simply beautiful.

A cuddle near the coast

Laguna Beach Engagement Session with Elisa and Benson

In Southern California we get some days that are cold, wet and windy. When we first scheduled Elisa and Ben’s engagement session we experienced one of those days. We rescheduled for the next weekend and lucky enough, had a beautifully warm late November beach day.

In February these two say their vows and commit to each other forever. Having such a blast with these two on the engagement I know their day is going to be a fun event for me as well.

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Engagement Session in Downtown Orange with Sean and Nathalie

Southern California weather decided to tame the rain for our little shoot today. It turned out to be a slightly cold but beautiful day.
This lovely couple will tie the knot this coming December. Glad I was able to take a few photos of them for their engagement session.
Congrats Sean and Nathalie!

Sound track courtesy of the lovely DeeDee O’Malley, you can find her stellar selection of music at http://www.deedeemusic.com/.
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Love the water

Engagement Session at Chapman College in Orange with Denise and Matt

Chapman College sits in the middle of Orange County and offers many great picture opportunities. Just so happens the lovely Denise attends law school here. We were almost tossed out by the staff but lucky for me, Denise came to the rescue.
Denise is radiant and a pleasure to work with. I am pretty sure she knows everybody as we kept running in to people who knew her.

Being a fan of Angels Baseball and Jojo’s Pizza, I found I have a lot in common with our guy here, Matt. He actually owns the Jojo’s we frequent at the studio and he works with the Angels. Me and my favorite photog buds are going to the game tomorrow and rooting our Angels on for a last stitch attempt at making the wild card.

Engagement Session in Downtown Orange with Wendy, Doug and Nick

Downtown Orange features a traffic circle, and while I have always had a fear of traffic circles this is one is fun to photograph at, so, I braved it up for the task! Wendy and Doug are getting hitched in a few months so we met up for their engagement pictures. Along with them a four year old who is obviously wiser then his age, Nicholas tagged along.

Four year olds tend to steal the show, I know, have one of my own, and Nicholas was no different. He is obviously the child of a photographer and has been down this road before. Wendy, although a Nikon shooter (haha) is a photographer herself.

Keep it on the down-low, but I have often considered switching to Nikon, don’t let any of my photog buds know. It would be the end of me.