I Will

Poppies make stellar foreground

Engagement Session at Pollywog Park with Lilet and Brian

When I first arrived in  Manhattan Beach at Pollywog Park the first thing I thought was that I should have brought my wife and son with me. Often times I bring them along on engagement sessions and they run off and play while I shoot.  It is a cute little park and would have been a 4 year old’s dream. -Next time buddy!

Meeting Lilet and Brian there for their engagement session was a photog’s dream. Every direction brought beautiful backgrounds and fun ideas. Lilet and Brian were awesome to shoot with too! Just an all around great day.

In a few months I get to shoot Lilet and Brian’s wedding at the Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes. Yet another stellar spot. My thoughts get fuzzy, but my second or third wedding was at that church and having shot there many times since I have lots of fond memories of the area.

Sound track courtesy of the lovely DeeDee O’Malley, you can find her stellar selection of music at http://www.deedeemusic.com/.

Engagement Session with Amanda and Blake

The Universe aligned and after a silly location snafu and some bad weather we finally got it together and met for Amanda and Blake’s engagement session.
An awesome couple who obviously have a good time where ever they go. Blake and Amanda are naturals in front of the camera.
A few months down the line and they will get hitched on a lovely ship cruising the ocean blue.

A wrap up of 2010

As this year comes to a close I culled through some of my favorite shots. Looking forward to what looks like a killer 2011, I give thanks to my 2010 Brides.
Sound track courtesy of the lovely DeeDee O’Malley, you can find her stellar selection of music at http://www.deedeemusic.com/.

The Shoes have Character

Engagement Session with Megan and Brett

In a few weeks these two will tie the knot at the South Coast Botanic Gardens. We had the chance to go down to Heritage Park in Cerritos for a few pictures.

A few corny jokes thrown around made for a few laughs. Its apparent these two are going to have a fun time on their wedding day.

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Awesome couple in B&W

Engagement Session at William Penn Park in Whittier with Michelle and Ronnie

Nestled deep in Whittier lies a cute little park with a creek and wonderful path. Along that path we walked and took a few opportunities to take some photos for Michelle and Ronnie’s engagement pictures. Come next March these two tie the knot at the Wayfarers Chapel. If you have not been to the Wayfarers Chapel it is stunning. Beautiful views of the ocean and a gorgeous church to boot.
I though I was being sneaky but a park employee nicely told me to stay on the path. Luckily I got the shot I wanted and was happy with it by the time I was scolded. It is not uncommon for the draw of the perfect angle to get me in trouble.
Here are a few of my favorite shots!

Want to See More?

Black and White in the Park

Engagement Session in Cerritos with Sarah and James

There is a little island where all the kids play that just so happens to be an awesome spot to take a few photos. I met Sarah and James there recently to celebrate their engagement and get a few photos of them.  It was a blast, this is why I love my job. Great couples who are absolutely amazing to work with.

Their wedding will be at the exotic Tantalums Restaurant in Long Beach. If you haven’t been, they have killer food and put on some really fun events. Not to mention how amazingly beautiful the place is.  They even include a dock to park your boat. Locally there are some great gondola boats to rent which would make an awesome photograph.

Engagment Photography with Mike and Angel by Jim Conner

Angel and Mike are one of those couples who seem to have it all. Cute together and seem to be the type who are always having a good time. Seriously, put them on the freeway in the worst traffic and I will bet they giggle all the way.
Their ceremony will be held in St. Louis. Should be a ton of fun.
Congrats guys!

Laying out at sunset

Engagement Photography in Laguna Beach with Adrianna and Frank

Next month Adrianna and Frank tie the know in San Diego. Today we spent the afternoon in Laguna Beach to get some pictures to celebrate their engagement.
Funny, some people are water people, I think Adrianna and Frank fit that. It was a great shoice to shoot at Laguna Beach. The weather chose not to cooperate the first time we scheduled this event. Second time was a charm, absolutely stunning weather.

Photographs in the Park with Kelsey and John

John, now back in Kentucky, and his “soon to be” Kelsey met down at the park with me for their engagement session. Some couples photograph easily, they just naturally pop right into place and make my job one many are jealous of.