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Royal Vista Country Club Wedding Photography with Elisa and Benson

I love driving. It gives me time to think. Royal Vista Country Club did not give me much time for that as it is a mere 10 minutes from the studio. I headed there February 28th to meet Elisa and Benson and share their day.

A few months back we met at my secret beach location (on loan from a fantastic photog bud,) for their engagement session and I knew then that Elisa and Benson were going to be a blast to work with. Easy going and fun filled. I am an easy going kinda guy and while I make a schedule for the day by the minute, I am always fluid about the day. Years ago Bruce Lee coined it “Being water.” That speaks to me.

Shooting their wedding was just as much fun. A great couple with great friends and family.
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A cuddle outside the Church in Irvine

Irvine Wedding Photography with Nathalie and Sean

We met at the La Quinta Inn in Santa Ana where the wind was kicking! Luckily there were several little spots to get a few shots and to do one of my favorites the “First Look” to capture Sean’s expression when he first seen his beautiful Bride Nathalie all done up and looking good. We had talked about heading to North Lake in Irvine for a few more shots but the weather decided to get worse and add a little drizzle. No problem, we are like water and go with the flow and head straight to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Irvine for the ceremony and a few extra pics.
This wedding marked the last event of 2011 for me and what a way to go out on what was a tremendous year. It was such a blast to hang out and photograph their wedding I get a little charged up just going through and editing the shots.
Nathalie made a beautiful Bride and Sean was a dashing Groom.

Love the backlighting

Wedding at Coyote Hills Golf Club with Kristy and Wesley

Coyote Hills Country Club in Fullerton must have been landscaped with photographers in mind. At the right time of day this place simply rocks.
Having a couple like Kristi and Wesley hold the ceremony here is just icing on the (forgive the pun) cake!
Our hero groom, Wes is a military man and we appreciate what he does. Kristi, just about the cutest bride there can be. Together they make a photog’s life easy.
Thanks and congrats go out to a lovely couple!
The party always gets off to running start when the stellar presence of our spin-master of the evening Ed from Classic Touch D.J. Entertainment. I always enjoy an experienced D.J. who keeps the flow going and having worked with him a few times this year I appreciate his professionalism.
Doug Reynolds was the videographer for the day and he is also awesome to work with. His crew was working hard throughout the day and got some seriously great looking stuff! Wanna see the highlights? CLICK HERE
Here are a few of my favs along with a slideshow, be sure to comment and leave a personal message for the lucky couple, still wanna see more? click here

Wedding Photography at Clark Estate in Santa Fe Springs

Here are a few of my fav shots I got while helping out my bud Chad Scott Photography with the nuptials of Sammie and Jaime at the beautiful Clark Estates in Santa Fe Springs.

Wedding at The Atrium in Irvine with Scott and Amy

Right across from the John Wayne Airport is a hotel oasis. Lovely garden and the spot Scott and Amy chose to start their family. The Atrium staff did a superb job in making sure the day went smooth for our lovely couple.
Every time I met with Scott and Amy I could see they just click. You just know these two are going to enjoy life.
The party got a quick start with the talented spinning skills of DJ Gonzo from Sonic Sounds. This crowd was not going to let him rest as they danced their collective heart out. Catch him at djgonzo (at) ca.rr.com

Wedding Photography at Knotts with Heidi and Brent

One of my favorite places to photograph is Knotts Berry Farm. Maybe it reminds me of my earlier days or it could simply be that every Knotts gig I work seems to run very smooth and is always a blast. Heidi and Brent’s wedding was no different. We started at the Church of Reflections near Soak City for the ceremony then moved off to the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel for a few more shots and a party.
A little surprise for our groom as the Bride had requested the Knotts Train Robbers to bust into the reception and steal the ladies. Holding the ladies for ransom did not fair well with our hero groom as he helped gather up the money needed to have the return of his beautiful bride!

Love the Tunnels at Talega

Wedding Photography at Talega Golf Club with Michelle and John

Talega Golf Club in San Clemente has some of my favorite architectural features, lush greens with earth toned arches. A quick trip down through the tunnels to the lake and waterfalls gives you a stellar spot for a few quick shots of a lovely couple.
Michelle and John were married here in March of 2011. Fun loving and a little crazy, John and Michelle are awesome people and make great photo subjects. Having the opportunity to photograph a very special day in their life was an honor for me.
Judge Dennis J. Keough performed the ceremony with a deep projecting voice. Along with several comical breaks, the ceremony was a moving experience.
This crowd was full of motor loving, bike riding enthusiast so I was prepared for quite a party. The partying got off to a quick start with the help of the stellar spinning skills of DJ Ed McCullogh from Classic Touch DJ Entertainment.
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Love that look!

Wedding Photography at Tantalums Restaurant with Sarah and James

Anytime I go by the canals in Long Beach I get a relaxed sense of calm. There is something about this area that puts me at ease. Tantalum’s Restaurant emphasizes that mellow. With beautiful views and stellar deco it’s a wonderful spot to shoot a wedding.
Sarah and James must have felt the same. They were wed there on March 5th of 2011. A wonderful couple and very easy going. I knew when we first talked that their event would be a fun one.
The party kept going while the crowd was dancing to the sounds of DJ Vid Vicious.
Topping off the night, the sun seemed to know it was a special day and provided a killer backdrop for a few parting shots.
Special thanks go out to Matt Fukushima Photo for helping me out on this one!
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The Bride in sepia

Wedding Photography at Matteis Tavern with Rachel and David

Just north of Santa Barbara, down in the Santa Ynez Valley there is a lovely little place called Matteis Tavern. If you been to the area you will likely agree it is a beautiful place. I didn’t ask, but I am sure David put his film experience to work in both deciding the location and the time of day.
It seemed to match Rachel and David. They are an awesome couple.
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