About Jim Conner Photography

Its Me!Jim Conner Photography serving Southern California and the World

I have owned Jim Conner Photography for a little over 20 years. I am located in Santa Ana California but often do location events. Please see my contact page and connect with me for more information.
Here are some Jim Facts!
I have not had a nightmare since I was 11 years old.
I started photographing my pets when I was 10, and people when I was 12
Life is too short
I believe tacos are the perfect food.
I love, absolutely love rain storms.
If I wasn’t a photographer I would have wanted to make chairs. I like interesting chairs.
My ideal vacation is camping in a rural woodland forest with a stream to jump in.
Some of my hobbies are: Astronomy, Scuba Diving (although I haven’t been for a while), Kites, flying RC planes, and electronics.
My Tivo makes me feel guilty when it fills up with shows I don’t have time to watch.
I am a people watcher, one of the reasons I like airports.
Speaking of airports, I love bumpy flights. The more turbulence the better.
Speaking of flying, my favorite type of photography is Aerial. Helicopters are hot!
It was foretold by an amateur fortune teller that I would die by shark attack. So, if i stay out of the water I will live forever, but I love the beach, and risk it all the time.
My lovely wife would not respond when I first tried to talk with her. It took six months for her to even acknowledge me. Daily I would try to get her attention and she simply would pretend I did not exist. One day I noticed she had balloons surrounding her. I approached and told her “Happy Birthday! Be ready at 6pm because I am taking you out to dinner.” Promptly I turned and left not giving her a chance to reply or turn me down. A few minutes later, my o
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