Looking Your Best in Your Wedding Photographs

You will be stunning on your wedding day. We can help looking your best in wedding photographs with a few tips for you.

Close up of our Bride1. You have seen a hundred actors do this pose on the red-carpet. It is flattering and slims the body.
Stand with your weight on your back foot
Stretch out your other leg slightly crossed in front pointing your toes to the camera
Rotate your hips 45 degrees away from the camera

2. Even the thinnest ladies can get a double chin. To prevent this elongate your neck and tilt your chin slightly up. You can also gently apply pressure to the roof of your mouth with your tongue.

3. When wearing a sleeveless dress extend out your elbows slightly to avoid making your arms appear bigger then they are.

4. Stand up straight. You never know when a camera will be pointing at you and chances are there will be at least one on you the entire day. It gets tiring but do your best to avoid slouching.

5. You have probably seen it, Smize, the famous coined phrase on America’s Next Top Model. It’s smiling with your eyes it is a valuable tool in your arsenal against bad pictures. It may seem silly, but practice smiling with your eyes in the mirror.

6. Giggle when you pose. After hours of smiling your face will start to hurt. You risk having a fake smile in your photos. Having a funny thought and throwing out a giggle can release a lot of pressure and photographs fantastically. Sharing a funny story with your brides maids or vice versa can make for a wonderful picture.

7. Keep your flowers waist height and slightly tilted forward. Lets not hide the beautiful dress.

8. Take a moment and forget where you are. Once you both are together, forget there is a camera, forget there is a crowd. Look into each others eyes and loose yourselves for a moment.Be playful and warm.

9. Be yourself. You are unique and so your wedding photographs should be too. Don’t try to be that model in a bridal magazine. Being yourself will feel right and in turn will photograph beautifully.

10. Above all else, relax, have a good time and breathe.

Now you know how you could be looking your best in wedding photographs, why not check my portfolio?