Selecting the Right Photographer

Ten Tips for Selecting the Right Photographer

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· Make sure that the photographer is some one that you will enjoy working with. It is very important that both of your personalities mesh.

· Be sure that your Photographer offers the style of photography that you are looking for (Traditional or Photojournalistic, or maybe both).

· Be sure that you understand what your photographer offers and that it fills your needs. (Number of photographs to be taken and the amount of time they will be with you).

· Make sure your photographer can provide all of the special effect photographs that you would like taken on your wedding day.

· Ask if they have previously worked at your church or reception venue. This isn’t critical but can be helpful.

· Ask to see samples of their work of recent weddings they have photographed. This is very helpful in selecting the right photographer.

· Make sure that your photographer is easy to contact, just in case you have to make last minute changes.

· Ask if your photographer uses an assistant or offers a second photographer. This is a great asset if your wedding is large.

· Do not let price determine your final decision. Choose a photographer you feel comfortable with and provides the style of photographs you want.

And #11 in a list of 10… Make sure your photographer uses professional equipment and carries back up equipment.