Hiring wedding vendors?


hiring wedding vendors

You know what you want, you know when you want to do it. Now when do you hire those who are going to help make your day a beautiful memory? Knowing when you should be hiring wedding vendors is a critical step in the efficient planning process.
If you know who you want, don’t hesitate. I often get calls for days that I am already booked and so do many of the vendors on your list.
Here are a few tips for you:

When do you hire your Wedding Planner?
A wedding planner as the name implies can help you with your day like no other. It should be someone you are very comfortable with. Plan to hire your planner at least 11 to 12 months before your event.

When to book your Ceremony and/or Reception site?
Some of the top venues are booked 2 years in advance. Especially for those popular months and days. You should absolutely consider booking your venue 10-12 months in advance.

When to hire your caterer?
Many vendors on your list will only be able to handle one event per day. A caterer may or may not. Don’t hesitate, if you know what you want book them early. 9 Months.

When to book your wedding Photographer?
Typical photographers will only do one event per day, and some will limit it to one event per weekend. If you have a favorite photographer book them early, otherwise you should consider 8-10 months in advance.

When to book your DJ?

DJ services typically should be booked 6-8 months in advance. Once again, if you have a DJ you really must have book them early.

When to book your Ceremony Officiant?
Depending on your ceremony site, you may not need one. If you do, consider booking them 6-8 months in advance.

When to book your wedding Videographer?
Similar to the photographer, videographers typically will only do one event per day. You should consider 6-8 months in advance.

When to book your Florist?
Florists can provide their services to multiple events and are not generally limited. You can take a little extra time in selecting your favorite. One note- be sure your florist knows when and where to expect the flowers to be delivered. You will want to be sure to have your flowers for when the photos start. Typically, 6 months advance is fine.

When to hire your Wedding Cake Baker?
Like the florists, bakers can handle multiple events per weekend and there is no rush. Sample many and select your favorite about 5-6 months in advance.

When to book your Transportation?
If you are going to want a specific model with specific amenities book early, however if you are just looking for a nice ride try 2-3 months in advance. If your event is in the spring book earlier, it is prom season and you want to be sure not to be left without a ride.

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Your time line for hiring wedding vendors may be different. At 2-3 months before the event you should be pretty much ready to go. If you are getting married on a holiday, 3 day weekend or any other day your family and friends are typically going to be busy consider sending Save the Date cards 10-12 months in advance.  Invitations should be sent 4-6 months in advance.