Heritage park

Wrapping Up 2011 with a Few Favorite Shots!

As I take a look back at 2011 I am reminded of what an incredible year it has been. Being a wedding photographer you get to meet people from all walks of life. For a day you get to share their friends and family. I have selected a few of my favorite shots to put together this slide show and it has brought back so many fun memories for me. I get the warm and fuzzies! I had a blast doing it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Every New Year I have a few resolutions. This year I have been motivated by a close friend to try a juice fast. I am currently in the midst of it and have to say it is one of my favorite resolutions of years past. If you have chosen to partake in a New Years Resolution I hope you are well on your way to completing it. They have always been a struggle for me. lol

Many of my clients have a resolution of completing their wedding plans. If this sounds familiar I would love to help you complete yours. We have new Photo/Video packages and can recommend many other vendors.

Engagement Session with Amanda and Blake

The Universe aligned and after a silly location snafu and some bad weather we finally got it together and met for Amanda and Blake’s engagement session.
An awesome couple who obviously have a good time where ever they go. Blake and Amanda are naturals in front of the camera.
A few months down the line and they will get hitched on a lovely ship cruising the ocean blue.

Black and White in the Park

Engagement Session in Cerritos with Sarah and James

There is a little island where all the kids play that just so happens to be an awesome spot to take a few photos. I met Sarah and James there recently to celebrate their engagement and get a few photos of them.  It was a blast, this is why I love my job. Great couples who are absolutely amazing to work with.

Their wedding will be at the exotic Tantalums Restaurant in Long Beach. If you haven’t been, they have killer food and put on some really fun events. Not to mention how amazingly beautiful the place is.  They even include a dock to park your boat. Locally there are some great gondola boats to rent which would make an awesome photograph.

A cuddle in B&W

An Engagement Session with Cindy and John

Today we headed out to Heritage Park in Cerritos, one of my favorite spots to shoot engagement photos. Its always nice when your couple is familiar with photography enough to add as many ideas for shots as Cindy and John do.
Thanks Guys!

Engagment Photography with Mike and Angel by Jim Conner

Angel and Mike are one of those couples who seem to have it all. Cute together and seem to be the type who are always having a good time. Seriously, put them on the freeway in the worst traffic and I will bet they giggle all the way.
Their ceremony will be held in St. Louis. Should be a ton of fun.
Congrats guys!

Photographs in the Park with Kelsey and John

John, now back in Kentucky, and his “soon to be” Kelsey met down at the park with me for their engagement session. Some couples photograph easily, they just naturally pop right into place and make my job one many are jealous of.

Wedding Engagement Portraits with Chelsea and Andrew

Today I met with Chelsea and Andrew at one of my favorite places to photograph, Heritage Park in Cerritos. Some couples naturally fall into place when you aim a camera at them, Chelsea and Andrew certainly fall into this category. Wonderful to work with!
Thanks guys, and congrats, September is right around the corner!!

Portrait Session with Michelle and Nicholas

July is a wonderful time of year to get married, although it can be a very rather hot. Michelle and Nicholas solved that by having their wedding on a cliff near the beach. A wonderful little spot. This was their engagement session to help get them started.
Congrats you guys!

Portraits in the Park with Heather and Daniel

Every year I get surprised, 4pm is a little late to meet. The sun is only around for 45 minutes after that and it starts to get really dark. Luckily for me, Heather and Daniel were early when they met me for their engagement portraits. A fun loving couple Daniel and Heather are very easy to work with.