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Betty Reckas Cultural Center Wedding with Suzan and Angel

The Betty Reckas Cultural Center is located in Long Beach and does a great job at events. Suzan and Angel chose here to have their reception after their wedding at Saint Hilary Church in Pico Rivera. Along the way we hit up El dorado Park, a place I love to get a few pictures.

Suzan and Angel are one of my all time favorite couples. The Events Boutique put together one of the most amazing receptions I have seen. There was so much going on that I really wanted to just hang out, but of course, there is work to do.

















Wedding at Chapman Chapel and Moonlight with Thuy and Tim

Temperatures reached record lows for Southern California but this couple did not let that keep them from having a great time on their special day.

I love weddings that feature lots of tradition. It is always interesting to see and no matter how many I have done I seem to come out of it learning something new. This wedding featured a traditional Vietnamese ceremony and western ceremony at Chapman Chapel and gave each family a chance to celebrate their own way.

The party started at Moonlight in Westminster with fantastic lighting, decor and food. I am shooting another event at Moonlight this coming week and can’t wait. A fantastic job and very entertaining venue.

Rings on a Vietnamese Wedding Turban


Bridesmaid helping with the shoes


Last minute texting


The Bride prepares in her Vietnamese Traditional outfit


The Bride in her Vietnamese Traditional outfit at Marriott in Anaheim


The shoes on the railing at Marriott in Anaheim


The waiting begins at Marriott in Anaheim


A quick kiss to start


Lovely light on the sixth floor at Marriott Anaheim


Our Lovely couple


Pre-ceremony at Chapman Chapel


The ride to take the lovely couple to the reception at Moonlight in Westminster


The ride to take the lovely couple to the reception at Moonlight in Westminster


A quick stop at the traffic circle in Orange for our wedding party


Prepare the flowers for the gents


Cool is as cool does


Famous tree in the traffic circle at Orange


Mr. and Mrs.


Cuddles in the alley


Yes, she is a beautiful Bride


The flowers and the man


A little blue sky creeps in to the shot


Our hero Groom


Wedding party having fun at the Orange Traffic Circle


Dance like never before at Moonlight in Westminster


Dance like never before at Moonlight in Westminster


Dancing in the fog at Moonlight in Westminster


Lovely couples first dance at Moonlight in Westminster


Dancing with lasers at Moonlight in Westminster





Sox and stogies

Wedding at San Dimas Canyon Golf Club with Natasha and Chris

There are some weddings you just want to put down the camera and join in on the fun. This was one of those. Natasha and Chris have some fun friends and family. Of course, I have a job to do and must stay on track.
The San Dimas Golf Club did a fantastic job with the event. Video was expertly covered by Joshua of Jet Productions Films.
A wonderful couple that obviously enjoy life. I had such a great time working with them.

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Chris and Natasha Wedding (1)

Under the Tree

Craig Regional Park Engagement Session with Tricia and Gilbert

I have to find it funny that when Tricia and Gilbert asked to do their engagement session at Craig Regional Park I was at a loss. I had never photographed there and it is less then a 5 minute drive from the studio.
When we arrived I knew right away that Tricia and Gilbert introduced me to a little diamond of a park. I now have a new spot to take families and couples for shoots and it is really close. How has this place hidden for the last 10 years.
Tricia and Gilbert did an awesome job. Naturals in front of a camera and fun to work with. Gotta love days that feature an awesome couple and killer location.
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Cuddles in Sepia

Cuddle under the awning

Engagement Photos in Woodbury Community area of Irvine with Cindy and Luke

Hidden in Irvine lies a very picturesque area with a fantastic little park. Woodbury Community seems to be designed with engagement photos in mind. Hanging out there with Cindy and Luke makes it all the better. This cute couple tie the knot June of 2013. It seems there is plenty of time but they are on top of the wedding plans as you know how time flies.

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Save the Date!

Laguna Beach Engagement Session with Patty and Jhoey

I love photographing on the beach. Even with clouds and the threat of drizzle it’s a blast. Patty and Johnathan tie the knot 8.18.12 and we took a day to photograph their engagement.
I love it when there are props. I tend to over do it and I think by the end we were all ready to toss the balloons and sign. But it was great while it lasted and made for some great shots.
Jhoey and Patty did an awesome job. Can’t wait until August rolls around! See all of their shots here.

What a great place to just hang

Fullerton Arboretum Engagement Session with Sheri and Daniel

If you have the chance, the Fullerton Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton is a killer spot to have a walk. Photographing Sheri, Dan, Isaiah and Daniel there seemed to fit.
At the right time of day, right time of year, the light here is simply beautiful.

Getting a little different angle

Royal Vista Country Club Wedding Photography with Elisa and Benson

I love driving. It gives me time to think. Royal Vista Country Club did not give me much time for that as it is a mere 10 minutes from the studio. I headed there February 28th to meet Elisa and Benson and share their day.

A few months back we met at my secret beach location (on loan from a fantastic photog bud,) for their engagement session and I knew then that Elisa and Benson were going to be a blast to work with. Easy going and fun filled. I am an easy going kinda guy and while I make a schedule for the day by the minute, I am always fluid about the day. Years ago Bruce Lee coined it “Being water.” That speaks to me.

Shooting their wedding was just as much fun. A great couple with great friends and family.
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Wrapping Up 2011 with a Few Favorite Shots!

As I take a look back at 2011 I am reminded of what an incredible year it has been. Being a wedding photographer you get to meet people from all walks of life. For a day you get to share their friends and family. I have selected a few of my favorite shots to put together this slide show and it has brought back so many fun memories for me. I get the warm and fuzzies! I had a blast doing it and I hope you enjoy it too.

Every New Year I have a few resolutions. This year I have been motivated by a close friend to try a juice fast. I am currently in the midst of it and have to say it is one of my favorite resolutions of years past. If you have chosen to partake in a New Years Resolution I hope you are well on your way to completing it. They have always been a struggle for me. lol

Many of my clients have a resolution of completing their wedding plans. If this sounds familiar I would love to help you complete yours. We have new Photo/Video packages and can recommend many other vendors.